why girls love kpop

a long time ago, i wonder why do they love kpop so much. there are kpop everywhere, in phone, laptop, locker, and in conversations between them. when i first watch the movies, i feel that there is nothing that i would interest to. 

                 however, when one of my friend show my the performances and music videos of kpop, i found that its kind of good thing and catch my interest immediately. after that, i take some movies from others and also a few of music videos. then, it took me not a few weeks for me to love kpop as well, but it just takes for a few days. and now, i'm addicted to kpop soooooooo much. firsly, i'm love to see the performance of Wonder Girls group. and it feels good and something new for me. it's just a new hobby for my leisure time. then, i download many of videos as i can. as result, it seems that i have more collections of kpop more than my friends because majority of them just love one or two groups of kpop. but, i'm different. if u know me now, i love all things about kpop. i feel like i'm in korea. hahaha...

                   kpop is not just about fun. but for me, it's also one of the things that you can do for relese your tension. i'm doing it when i feel tense. for example, after exam, i give myself presents, which are watching kpop as much as i want. that's enough for me because i love it. i dont know about the other girls. but, i think they are all same as me. which is, for first time, we do not find the fun in kpop. when we know kpop, we're really into it. i think the boys also love kpop as well, maybe...
the end.