smoking boy...girls hating it

overall, boys love to smoke. i don't what they get when they're smoking. people can buy cigarettes anywhere and even in hospitals. there are so many ads about cigarettes all over the place. i think everyone knows the effect of smoking itself : cancer, heart disease; which can shorten our life.

             boys, please be aware. if you think we all girls will be impressed by that attitude, you wrong, absolutely wrong. don't act cool if you're smoking because you're not. ahhh....the smoke really make us feel suffocated. don't you feel like that boys? when i ask them..they said that smoking can give them peaceful time. so, is it the with drugs??? oh, i think they're very similar to each other. what do you think?

                 your smoke will affect people around you. if you said that you love the girls so much. so, why did you still smoking? do you want to die faster? or you want us, girls to die first? think about it. if you wanna die, you die first. we don't want it. it's not like titanic. YOU JUMP, I

please and please be more healthy if you want to live for along time. but if you're planning to die early, leave the girls alone. it's better to be alone than waiting for you guys dead. i'm not kidding. many of the girls say it to me. actually not all of the girls, but you know the girls....they CARE FOR YOU.....