when my age is increasing...

i know that my age is keep increasing year by year. everyone is the same as me. i'm still remember when i'm 15, i really feel that i need to grow up faster because i wanna have my own life with my own way. i keep feel the hatred feeling for the whole year. now, i know that, if i can turn back my time, i wish i can go back to my childhood time. its so interesting compared to adult's world. its so complicated, you know.

              even if i have my own ambition at that time, to be a lawyer. but when time moves, i can see that its all my dream when i'm sleep and its not the dream that i wanna realize. this new year, i wanna do something better and really need my own effort because if i'm doing things by taking opinions from the others, its seem so not me. so, this year i wanna make a new dream. from my view, i think i'm gonna be business woman  because i have the 'business' feeling since in kindergarten until now. i know that everyone objects my opinion. and now, i got offer from iium for bachelor in business administration. is it so bad?? am i cannot do it? is there no future in this field? but...i love this field very much. many elders say that, "in the future, its so hard for you to find job because so many people are into business." so, what? i'm always be dreaming about this but it seems to rejected by family. i wanna do this. definitely!! i don't want to change my course. and now, when you see in my blog, this year its seem to be in english. i know its in broken english but i'm want to improve my writing and speaking. in fact, i wanna practice myself to be more confident. so, i'm sorry if the grammar seems broken.

               i wanna realize my dream, because for me, i cannot only dreaming but i must do something about it. and to realize my dream, i need to put some effort. hehe..figthing.....

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