am i act like i'm 17?

my face look i'm older....emm..actually matured ok. but do i act like i'm in my 17? do you act like you're in you age? how i wanna know that? 

               it seems that i tend to like cute little things, pinkie things, and of course cartoon also one of my favorite. is it obvious? nahhhh....i don't think so. i act like that because i'm a girl, so, i'm act like princess. is that wrong? however, when it comes to make a decision, i'm not judge with my cute mind of course. i can be woman sometime. but if you act like you are fully a WOMAN, you will look too old. 

sometimes, it's not wrong if you act younger than your age. BUT, do not overact. because it will make others feel annoying and very very annoying. for example in your speech. so, choose place, time to be cute. hahahaha...we are we have the rights to be cute. 

                    so, after this even your face is mature more than your age, please don't act like you're older than your age. please...please...please. it make you yourself feel not right. no smile, no happiness. when you're in you 15, do not act like you are in your 20. you will regret it. because time can't go back as your wish. however, if you're in your 20 and above like ME (although i dont want to admit it), please enjoy yourself as teenagers before you will face the working life and then marriage life. believe me, we don't have much time to enjoy it. then, love yourself more than your age.
the end.

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