am i act like i'm 17?

my face look i'm older....emm..actually matured ok. but do i act like i'm in my 17? do you act like you're in you age? how i wanna know that? 

               it seems that i tend to like cute little things, pinkie things, and of course cartoon also one of my favorite. is it obvious? nahhhh....i don't think so. i act like that because i'm a girl, so, i'm act like princess. is that wrong? however, when it comes to make a decision, i'm not judge with my cute mind of course. i can be woman sometime. but if you act like you are fully a WOMAN, you will look too old. 

sometimes, it's not wrong if you act younger than your age. BUT, do not overact. because it will make others feel annoying and very very annoying. for example in your speech. so, choose place, time to be cute. hahahaha...we are we have the rights to be cute. 

                    so, after this even your face is mature more than your age, please don't act like you're older than your age. please...please...please. it make you yourself feel not right. no smile, no happiness. when you're in you 15, do not act like you are in your 20. you will regret it. because time can't go back as your wish. however, if you're in your 20 and above like ME (although i dont want to admit it), please enjoy yourself as teenagers before you will face the working life and then marriage life. believe me, we don't have much time to enjoy it. then, love yourself more than your age.
the end.

smoking boy...girls hating it

overall, boys love to smoke. i don't what they get when they're smoking. people can buy cigarettes anywhere and even in hospitals. there are so many ads about cigarettes all over the place. i think everyone knows the effect of smoking itself : cancer, heart disease; which can shorten our life.

             boys, please be aware. if you think we all girls will be impressed by that attitude, you wrong, absolutely wrong. don't act cool if you're smoking because you're not. ahhh....the smoke really make us feel suffocated. don't you feel like that boys? when i ask them..they said that smoking can give them peaceful time. so, is it the with drugs??? oh, i think they're very similar to each other. what do you think?

                 your smoke will affect people around you. if you said that you love the girls so much. so, why did you still smoking? do you want to die faster? or you want us, girls to die first? think about it. if you wanna die, you die first. we don't want it. it's not like titanic. YOU JUMP, I

please and please be more healthy if you want to live for along time. but if you're planning to die early, leave the girls alone. it's better to be alone than waiting for you guys dead. i'm not kidding. many of the girls say it to me. actually not all of the girls, but you know the girls....they CARE FOR YOU.....

i'm in love...kpop version

who's in love with kpop?
put your hands up...put your hands up...
everyone loves kpop...but there are also anti what? do i care?
ok, everyone....please ready to make your choice....

do you ever feel like dating one of the artist? do you?..............I DO......
do you would like to watch them in your real life? do you?.........I DO...
do you ever ever dream about them? do you?..............I DO......
do you have any collection of kpop? do you?.........I DO..........

so, if you do have all these things happen in your life,
i're having...kpop fever...

so many girls love to make kpop idols as their model of future husband.
and there so many girls love to have sweet love life as in the korean movies and variety shows....
we will feel all these when we watch them in our lappy.
however, when we back into our real life, we tend to do the same thing. sometimes we do not realize kpop world is just a sweet dream....
ahhhhh.....the dream is just it? so, i don't feel that hurt..hahaha...
so, i already ask my friends about their chosen husband wanna be.....(p/s: in dream, perhaps)
but, only for male idols, it means just for girls......

10th ===> 2PM NICKHUN

9th ====> LEE MINHO

8th ====> SHINEE KEY

7th ====> 2PM CHANSUNG


5th ====> 2AM JINWOON





p/s: these results are just opinio based on whether the girls scream or not when they see these pictures....and that's the results.....enjoy...

friend vs family


what is friend? is it someone who always besides you? or someone who just be there when you need. what is actually the definition of friend? many people really really confuse about this thing. 


and what about family? is it will be considered as someone who is always there giving supports and help when you need it? or it is just someone who are blood-related to you?

                 there are so many difference between those two. if i able to say everything, it might take more that 10 pages to write about it. the one that seems obviously is blood-related or not. are we can judge just by that? i don't think so.

many people think that family comes first and many other also said that friends are more fun. which one would you be categorized? or you're not in one of those group? 

                  friend is's not always important. whatever decision you want to make you have to ask your family's opinion. especially your parents. because your friends are not always and always be there for you. they just happen to be there. i'm not saying bad thing about friends but it always like that. if you think deeply, not every single friend that you have will be supporting you. but family, it's just fixed. so, it can't be helped. when you go to some place, you make friends, then when you moves, there're another friends you make. so, it's kind of different from family. they never change. 

i'm not just saying this to others but it also reminds me about how important family are. think wisely, choose best. and of course, i'm not saying that choose family over your friend but sometimes it's true that family first.

single at 30?

do you think you will get married before you turn 30? for me, i think it is too late. in fact, very late.
i don't want to be like her:

nooooo...i don't want to be like that. alone....she only concentrates with her work. i don't want end up my life in the same way. 

          i think everyone want to get married as soon as possible, especially girls. but, girls today seem so hard to make choices, including me. i really really don't want make a wrong choice. you know what? this topic seems to be the most popular one amongst the girls, because all of us, feel excited about marriage. but do you think that how we think about getting married will affect our decision to get married. i'm getting too choosy now. it is because i want the best among the rest although not perfect but still the 'one'. 

          however, to find the 'one' is not so easy as buying things although it is hard as well. it is very and very hard to choose. sometimes, the one we love is not the best one and the one we reject is not the bad one. it can be vice versa. i want someone that will love me and my family. i want my partner can take care of me, through the hardship of life and so on..and end up like this.........

want vs need

actually what you want and what you need?

is it same meaning? want and need? i don't think so. as i can see that many people confuse about what they want and what they really need. so do i. as a grown up teenagers, i admit it. and you? do you think that you have ever thought about this? honestly, i don't think so. all this while, i always think that

"what i want is what i need, and what i need is not really what i want"

are you in the same boat as me? i'm sure you do. 

for example, for girlssss...
"i really want to go shopping, but i don't have money"................actually, do we need to shopping although we know that we don't have any penny? i don't think so. please think something else that may no use money. 

for the boyysss.....
"i really want to fix my motobike to be faster than ferarri"............actually, do you think that your motobike wanna go very fast? if they're able to speak, i think they cry because scared to death. so, do you really need it or it's just you want it? daaaaaaaa....just forget it...

              these days, i'm able to know how parents go through hard work to give us happiness. but in the end, we're still broke up their hopes. i'm not saying that i'm good enough to judge people but the most people under arrest can be called coward because they're unable to fight themselves. so....think....
the end....

why girls love kpop

a long time ago, i wonder why do they love kpop so much. there are kpop everywhere, in phone, laptop, locker, and in conversations between them. when i first watch the movies, i feel that there is nothing that i would interest to. 

                 however, when one of my friend show my the performances and music videos of kpop, i found that its kind of good thing and catch my interest immediately. after that, i take some movies from others and also a few of music videos. then, it took me not a few weeks for me to love kpop as well, but it just takes for a few days. and now, i'm addicted to kpop soooooooo much. firsly, i'm love to see the performance of Wonder Girls group. and it feels good and something new for me. it's just a new hobby for my leisure time. then, i download many of videos as i can. as result, it seems that i have more collections of kpop more than my friends because majority of them just love one or two groups of kpop. but, i'm different. if u know me now, i love all things about kpop. i feel like i'm in korea. hahaha...

                   kpop is not just about fun. but for me, it's also one of the things that you can do for relese your tension. i'm doing it when i feel tense. for example, after exam, i give myself presents, which are watching kpop as much as i want. that's enough for me because i love it. i dont know about the other girls. but, i think they are all same as me. which is, for first time, we do not find the fun in kpop. when we know kpop, we're really into it. i think the boys also love kpop as well, maybe...
the end.