friend vs family


what is friend? is it someone who always besides you? or someone who just be there when you need. what is actually the definition of friend? many people really really confuse about this thing. 


and what about family? is it will be considered as someone who is always there giving supports and help when you need it? or it is just someone who are blood-related to you?

                 there are so many difference between those two. if i able to say everything, it might take more that 10 pages to write about it. the one that seems obviously is blood-related or not. are we can judge just by that? i don't think so.

many people think that family comes first and many other also said that friends are more fun. which one would you be categorized? or you're not in one of those group? 

                  friend is's not always important. whatever decision you want to make you have to ask your family's opinion. especially your parents. because your friends are not always and always be there for you. they just happen to be there. i'm not saying bad thing about friends but it always like that. if you think deeply, not every single friend that you have will be supporting you. but family, it's just fixed. so, it can't be helped. when you go to some place, you make friends, then when you moves, there're another friends you make. so, it's kind of different from family. they never change. 

i'm not just saying this to others but it also reminds me about how important family are. think wisely, choose best. and of course, i'm not saying that choose family over your friend but sometimes it's true that family first.

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