single at 30?

do you think you will get married before you turn 30? for me, i think it is too late. in fact, very late.
i don't want to be like her:

nooooo...i don't want to be like that. alone....she only concentrates with her work. i don't want end up my life in the same way. 

          i think everyone want to get married as soon as possible, especially girls. but, girls today seem so hard to make choices, including me. i really really don't want make a wrong choice. you know what? this topic seems to be the most popular one amongst the girls, because all of us, feel excited about marriage. but do you think that how we think about getting married will affect our decision to get married. i'm getting too choosy now. it is because i want the best among the rest although not perfect but still the 'one'. 

          however, to find the 'one' is not so easy as buying things although it is hard as well. it is very and very hard to choose. sometimes, the one we love is not the best one and the one we reject is not the bad one. it can be vice versa. i want someone that will love me and my family. i want my partner can take care of me, through the hardship of life and so on..and end up like this.........


  1. erm..
    i'm also waiting for 'someone'...
    but dunno when he will come..
    juz pray and wait..

  2. we will have that 'someone' for sure...